The Bells


The tower contains a ring of six bells, cast in 1852 by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, whose master founders at the time were Charles and George Mears. The bells were rehung in 1927.

A winding stone staircase leads from a door outside the church up to the Ringing Chamber, then up to the bell tower and from there out onto a parapet. A bell cord, connected to the tenor bell and extending from the tower down into the church, can be seen by the lectern.

The bells are:

Original recorded weight (in cwt.)

Tenor E 17.2.10

5 F sharp 11.3.12

4 G sharp 9.3.25

3 A 8.1.9

2 B 7.1.18

Treble C sharp 6.3.10

The church still has an active team of bell-ringers, who ring before Sunday services and for festivals and weddings.

Bellringing practice takes place on Thursdays from 8 - 9.30pm.  Contact Peter Taylor for further details email:

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